Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zetas Murder 12 in Matamoros

The tortured and bullet riddled bodies of twelve organized crime execution victims were found abandoned on Monday at 10:30 AM on the outskirts of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in the area known as Las Yescas.

The bodies were located 1 kilometer away from, and within site, of a manned federal customs permanent checkpoint.

According to reports from the state Ministry of Public Security, the 11 men and one woman were not carrying any official identification and have yet to be identified.

Several of the victims wore white t-shirts with the letter “Z” emblazoned on them. The victims were also found in a horrific public display which is a signature of a Los Zetaa multiple homicide against rival cartel members.

It was unknown if a placard or message had been left at the scene by the perpetrators.

Matamoros is the traditional home and stronghold of the CDG (the Gulf Cartel). The CDG and Los Zetas are locked in a bloody war for control of the lucrative “Plazas” (drug trafficking routes) into the state of Texas.

Los Zetas have been regaining strength in recent weeks as witnessed by the ability to strike seemingly at will in CDG territory. In early June of this year Los Zetas carried out another mass execution of 20 rival gang members in Ciudad Madero, a city located in southern Tamaulipas.

Sources in Matamoros speak of an ongoing rural guerrilla war between both cartels in the ranch and farm country of northeastern Tamaulipas. The fighting has been largely unreported and the casualties, rumored to be high, are unknown.

The assassination of the PRI candidate for Governorship of Tamaulipas, Rodolfo Torre Cantu, was allegedly carried out by Los Zetas and was another blow to the CDG. The CDG is thought to hold a high degree of influence and control over the PRI party and state government in Tamaulipas.

In the aftermath of the bloody discovery State Investigative Police, Federal police and staff of the state Attorney General’s office were present at the site to initiate the necessary investigations.

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